Just had a great show on Blogging With Micheal. The replay will be up very shortly, and you will love the content! I spoke about a couple of things that I wanted to put the links up for:

FREE Report On RSS Backlinking (Includes Video How TO)


This is good stuff from my friends down under! They are teaching how to best get backlinks using the power of RSS Syndication! I took a couple of their tricks last night and already have a new RSS feed of nothing but Travel Bargains for Florida Vacation Review! Now that is not what they were teaching, but the techniques work with everything!

NConnects Is LIVE!

Microsoft Escapee Rick Raddatz is at it again! He has managed to create a new and improved teleseminar setup that makes it possible for Jason Moffatt to perform crank calls live on a call! That’s right, the teleseminar line allows you to dial out and find people to interview if you have a noshow, or better yet, you can call unsuspecting people and harrass them live on the call!

NConnects is giving away a free trial and I suggest you get yours now, before they take away that functionality! Because once Jason gets this, Rick will disable that function…

My bonus… I am going to do a call with you where you can interview me on your new line and we will create a product from it! I will even tell my Twitter Followers and my list about it.

So it is easy, just go here and sign up for the NConnects Free Trial, and open a support ticket with your receipt info. Give me an idea of when you would like to do the call and I will let you know if I am available.

Oops… just checked my tweetdeck and saw that I have been autotweeting that I am writing this blogging post…lol! Better hurry up and send it out!

Lets make this a great day!

Micheal Savoie

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Here is the deal. Just go to my bonus page and select two products. Then tell my help desk which two products you would like and you will receive two coupon codes good for the products you requested for $1 each!

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