I saw a post about me from Bernie Dorman on his blog, and I went to his blog to check it out.  While I was there, I saw an ad for a FREE EBook that he is giving away in honor of Affiliate Elite‘s launch.  The ebook is called Redneck Affiliate Eleete. That Bernie may seem a little strange, but he is shrewd in the way he set this up.  He tells you how to do what Affiliate Elite does manually, and he lets you brand the ebook and give it away for free.  I like it.

I will certainly be copying him for future product launches, although I won’t be using the Redneck theme…

Product Creation Giveaway Launches on November 12

I teamed up with James Germana to create the ultimate product creation site.  Product Creation Giveaway is the JV Giveaway that will kickstart anyone who is waiting to start creating products until they have everything they need.  No excuses, as some of the gifts include training on product creation.  So if you are a gift giver, sign up and add your gift before the 12th and if you want to be a receiver, sign up after the 12th!

 Don’t know about JV Giveaways?

Brad Smith is offering the Giveaway Code in an effort to educate marketers in the proper use of Giveaways!

Get the Giveaway Code Now!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Thanks to all of you who sent me emails about my wife’s surgery.  I go for my surgery consult tomorrow, and most likely I will be getting mine next week sometime.  I appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers.

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