Remember Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace? He used to plot for ways to get Dennis in trouble so that he would stop bugging him. Everything Dennis did just enraged Mr. Wilson a little more…

If Mr. Wilson had an Internet connection, he would be one of those guys who’d complain about the pop over, popups, popunders, exit ads, virtual smart agents and a host of other cool scripty things designed to catch out attention!

Funny thing is Dave Guindon is the guy who creates a lot of those programs that help marketers make a whole lot more money than if he didn’t create these page enhancers. After all, his Easy Exit Splash is responsible for increasing conversion on one site by 325% in 3 days!

Mr. Wilson would be plotting for a way to get rid of Dave Guindon. “How dare he make me take a second look at that sales page! I would have been able to save myself a couple hundred dollars when I clicked away from that sales page – if that confounded exit window hadn’t popped up and talked just long enough to make me curious.”

“Once I read the sales page all the way through, I was hooked!” Wilson was heard grumbling to himself as he toted a wheelbarrow full of garden implements to Dave Guindon’s house.

Easy Exit Splash is cool because it requires a visitor to click cancel to see the splash page. If they click OK, the page closes like it was supposed to. But the trick is to use an audio that says, “Wait A Minute (Mr. Wilson), I haven’t showed you how you can save 50% off the price of this newfangled widget, just click cancel to see the savings we can pass on to you right now!”

So about 30% click cancel and check it out. This has led to an increase of 325% in 3 days on one campaign, and I am sure it will do great in niches outside the Internet Marketing Niche. That would be like the used car salesman hanging on to your keys after your test drive, so he can give you a lowball offer before you leave.

I will be adding Easy Exit Splash to my niche websites, and I recommend you get it for your own!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Traffic Python is coming really soon.  I plan on showing you some videos very soon.

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