The Immortal Ross Goldberg!Are you freaking kidding me? Only 200 people will be allowed to get this. I don’t see how you are going to get the chance to sign up for this… really, because some of the biggest names in the business are promoting it.

I know someone who knows someone who told me that when Ross put this together, he had planned on charging $147 for the first month and $67 per month after that. That would have been a great price, when you consider that you get his Traffic Manifesto, Affiliate Marketing 2.0, Web 2.0 Traffic Hurricane (you can’t buy this one, it is off the market) and anything that Ross puts out for as long as you are a member. He already has 10 products ready to launch.

Why is Ross doing this?

He wants to help people get to where he is. He hates to see people struggling to get it going online. He went through it, and now he has made it his mission to be the catalyst for the growth of the next wave of marketing successes! Without Ross, I would have flailed about a lot longer than I needed to, but with his products and guidance, I have made huge strides in my marketing. Now you can too.

Rosshelps is the name of the site and it really means everything, because you get to call Ross at home during the time allotted for you to ask him whatever questions you have at the stage in your business that you are at that moment. The beauty of this type of coaching is that as you grow in your business, your needs grow and Ross will adapt the training and coaching to your current progress and he will develop new products based on the current problems his clients are experiencing right now.

Hurry and grab one of these 200 spots right now before the emails start hitting your inbox. You can’t lose on this deal and I have a coupon code for you to get $20 off! Just use this link:

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By the way, Ross also offers a money saving annual membership!

Find out now why Ross Helps!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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Everyone else who signs up for the annual plan will get Gold
membership for each year they are a member of Rosshelps.

The first 10 people to use my link to sign up on the monthly plan
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