From start to finish, it took two weeks to create.

At 9:00AM EST, the doors open on this product that we created – Willie Crawford, Scott & Sharlene Raven, Dr. Mani, Case Stevens, Kenth Nasstrom, Patrick Pretty, Bev Clement, David Schwartz, AnnMarie Callan, Daniel Taylor, Thea Swafford, Gary Knuckles, Jack Bastide, Michelle Brouse, Jeremy Estes, Jim & Doris McKiel, Michael Badger and myself. It is called 20 Ways To $100 A Day and I encourage you to get this product, not only because I am involved in it, but because it is a great case study of what can be accomplished when a group of people are directed properly with clear instructions and deadlines.

Two weeks ago I received an email from Willie Crawford asking me to let him know what I thought about the Warrior Forum thread he had started about how to make $100 a day online. The buzz about that thread was incredible, and I told him that I could contribute a chapter on Infoproduct Creation, since I am launching a site to that effect not too far in the future. I logged into The Internet Marketing Inner Circle (TIMIC) and joined forces with the rest of the team, all members of TIMIC, and we used the TIMIC members only forum for our communications center. Willie and Dr. Mani quickly became our leaders, because of the vast experience they have in product creation. Case Stevens became the man responsible for delegation of the tasks for the people who were involved but were not writing (graphics, sales page, proofreading, fact checking, etc.). We really brainstormed a lot of topics quickly and within a week we had almost everything written and assembled, proofreading and verifications still in progress. The graphics were voted upon by the group and we finally agreed on a great cover.

In addition to writing a couple of chapters, Willie set up the Rapid Action Profits Script for the sales process, and even contributed an awesome ebook for the OTO. With the site into place we are now in the buzz building phase, where we post on the blogs and email to our lists, getting everyone whipped up into a frenzy so that at 9:00AM, you can get your hands on 20 Ways To $100 A Day and be able to become an affiliate immediately.

One thing we decided after much deliberation was to not set up a list that we would simply promote to. Instead, the whole community agreed to create a (TIMIC) Newsletter where each contributing author could submit articles to keep on adding value to the relationship we are building with all of our customers. After all, we are aiming to teach our customers how to make $100 a day, not teach them how to spend $100 per day!

A side effect of this ebook writing exercise is the focus that the world is going to place on The Internet Marketing Inner Circle and each of our respective blogs. When this many marketers get together in one place, things happen that newbies are going to want to learn from. That is the reason behind forums and blogs, the spreading of information to people who are interested in what we are writing. I recommend that you use this case study as a way to formulate your own plan for creating a $100 a day income.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle Member

PS – I am going to make a deal with you. I want to see this ebook become a bestseller online. We have so many more chapters waiting in the wings that we could have added, but at 247 pages, we had to cut it short. We have enough material for two more volumes at least, and I see this as a new vehicle for helping people start their business with the slingshot approach!

Buy 20 Ways To $100 A Day from me and I will give you a bonus ebook – Niche Software Success so that you can discover the software creation business in depth. Simply buy the ebook and I will email the NSS registration form to your Paypal email address.

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