When I was asked by Willie Crawford if I would like to get involved in his project on The Internet Marketing Inner Circle blog, I was honored.  I thought to myself, “wow, I am finally being recognized by the upper level of Internet Marketers.”

I had to knock myself down a few notches to get out of the bedroom door, so I could go to the office (my kitchen) and get started. The project was one that started as a post on the Warrior Forum where Willie asked a question and soon people were asking so many followup questions that Willie immediately saw a product opportunity.

As a marketer, you need to always be doing research, even when you are not doing anything.  Willie was just starting a thread for fun (ok, I am sure there was some strategy involved there), but he soon saw the potential and he took action.  He rallied the Inner Circle members and got them started writing chapters for an ebook on creating an income of $100 per day.

Having just researched product creation I volunteered the product creation chapter and we were on our way.  We gave ourselves a tentative 2 week time frame to complete the project and we are expecting to launch the product on 10/2.  The exciting part is how well the team worked together.  Each person volunteered for a task according to their strengths.  With a team this strong, I can see us creating products like this again.

The main theme to get from this is that you don’t need to have everything perfect to get your product created.  You just need to do it as quickly as you can with a sense of urgency.  By giving us a deadline for the launch we worked through everything we could and dumped anything that would set us behind.  The goal is a product that overdelivers, and I have a feeling that we are going to do exactly that.

How Extreme? The Lab Is Almost Ready To Open!

Speaking of deadlines, Extreme Product Explosion is moving along nicely.  I am looking forward to the launch on October 11, because I have a lot of awesome JV partners getting involved, and I have a surprise for them inside the membership site, so everyone who promotes this site will get benefits beyond belief!

I have added new features to the site, including a product that will be created for the members each month, to give them a way to make back their $47 per month investment very quickly.  The site will include video training for many of the things that experts feel are mundane tasks like installing blogs, uploading pages, creating a squeeze page, etc.  The members’ area will be so full of amazing tools and training, that I expect products to be pouring out of the site within two weeks of launching.

The whole site is one large Infoproduct Creation Lab, where members will be able to find people to collaborate with, JV partners and potential customers.  I am also including a free teleconference service, some audio and video tools, audio interviews and guest videos that will deliver new ways of looking at the product creation process.

Each month, I will create new training videos, record and upload new interviews and develop new products for the XPX members to sell.  Many of my JV partners also want to do teleseminars, too, so that we can answer product creation questions live and offer prizes for some of the members.
As you can tell, I want this membership site to be the Product Creator’s Paradise!

Enough hyping of the site, you will get a chance to see it on October 11th, unless you get the special invite to be a beta tester.  Beta testers will get access to the site for 5 days, so that we can see what needs to be fixed, what people like and also to see the bandwidth usage.  I don’t want to create a membership site that only can handle 50 people.  I plan on maxing it out at 250, so that we don’t have too many people competing with each other selling the same product each month.  Also, the product will only be available during the month it is released.  This keeps the products fresh, and if some people leave the site, new members will only be able to get new products, not the old ones.

Take A 10 Minute Break!

I am also working on an update to 10 Minute Opt-in Success to be released at the end of October.  The price will be $27 at that time and everyone who already owns it will get the upgrade for $7.  I had to really think long and hard about how much to charge for 10 Minute Opt-in Success, since as a $7 product it sold very well, but of course it was a report, not a complete course.  I am going to add a lot of new information and strategies that will only take 10 minutes a day, but will give you even more streams of opt-ins coming to your site.

The Holiday Spirit Is Overtaking Me…

Walking around my local Sam’s Club today, I felt strange walking by grim reapers, skeletal pirates and a complete desecrated graveyard set complete with partial skeletons, headstones and assorted bones and skulls.  Here it is only the end of September and I am seeing the Holidays come screaming at me like a ghost on fire!  In fact, I walked past the skeleton in pirate gear and could hear the Christmas music coming out of a CD player among the Christmas trees.  I saw one member with 124 boxes of Christmas lights… it cost him $2122!!!  I would have to have a few people to put them up, because I am one of those guys who likes to look at the decorations, but I don’t have time to put them up or take them down…

I am going to make a New Year’s Resolution to take more time for my family.  My first goal is to totally be free of my job by the end of January 2008.  Then I will resolve to outsource as many of my tasks.  But I don’t think I am going to go long distance for my outsourcing.  Matthew Glanfield’s business model is the one I want to follow, where I will have an in house programmer and design team so that I can support my local economy while making it less of a burden on myself.  I will really need to be available only to make sure that my ideas are coming to fruition.

The Holiday Spirit really has overtaken me, so that even though I am here in September, I want to give you a Christmas present right now.  So click here so that you can get a free gift every month until Christmas and beyond…

Marketers Need Tools, Too!

I really found a good friend in James Germana.  The guy is a workaholic, he is always coming out with something new to make inhuman amounts of money.  Of course, he has built a list of over 100k and he is masterfully reaping the rewards.  I think anyone who will take a marketer into their confidence and help them become a better businessman can’t be all that bad.  Especially if it is me they are taking under their wing…lol.

James teamed up with Roger Hyatt (whom I haven’t met yet, but Theo Baskind says he is a great guy) and came out with a tool kit for marketers called the Marketers Pre Package that you really need to check out.  The time savings you will realize from this package is HUGE

Speaking of time savings, I have to tell you of another tool.  I wish I was an affiliate of theirs, but the product is free, so it doesn’t make a difference.  The product is called Scribe Fire and it is the coolest thing for blogging since the WordPress Plugin…

Scribe Fire is a FireFox plugin that lets you do all of your blog posting from inside the frame that it creates at the bottom of your browser.  It is totally invisible until you click on the icon on your browser status bar.  But when you do, you will see a full featured editor that gives you 3 views (design, HTML and preview), all of the text editing tools you expect, plus a link generator.  It also gives you access to Page Tools from Technorati, Bookmarks from Del.icio.us and you can also download templates for your blog that are Scribe Fire optimized.

I just love the way it stores your blog login info on a tab to the right so that you can choose one blog and make your post, then make a couple changes to the text still in the editor and shoot it off to another blog by just clicking another button.  This is a blog farmer’s best friend!

I am now using this tool while my Internet is down, so that I can write my post, it is saved automatically and it will keep my post until I clear it.  It even lets me save it to my hard drive as a note.  So far in my experimentation I have been able to embed a YouTube video, a Bubbleply video (much tougher than YouTube) and graphics into blog posts with ease and without having to wonder if it was going to look right, because I could check it out right on the preview button…

If you want this tool to make your blogging a breeze, just visit ScribeFire.com and download it for yourself.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie
Senior Editor – jvAlert News
Editor In Chief – Product In A Weekend Now

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