Social Networks are amazing fun!  You get to shoot the breeze with friends from around the world, which can be a blast!  Sometimes it is too fun, and you end up spending too much time making friends and not enough doing actual work and your income suffers.

I just found a cool service that allows you to help people communicate via their favorite social networks with their cell phone (like twitter – in fact, I would venture a guess that their technology is probably very twitter like) while also using a network marketing approach to make money.

Now I am one of the first to get turned off by network marketing.  Mainly because the peeps who look at the money potential don’t even think about how many people they are going to piss off by their spamming of all of their friends, family and neighbors.  But this is a social network marketing company, and the coolest part is that if you use the social networking methods for gaining friends and followers, you will succeed without pissing off everyone.

The Company is called Chat To Text, and the price of the service is only $5.99 per month, which makes it cool in itself, because you have the ability to chat directly to someone’s cell phone…  You can add ts to all of your profiles (you just cannot advertise the service in the social networks) to make it possible for people to chat to you on your cell phone. (text messaging charges may apply if you don’t have an unlimited text plan)

They officially launch next month, but now is a good time to get your account and start telling the world about it through blog posts, articles and of course telling your subscribers.  To get more info, watch a 5 minute video about it (ignore the money making stuff that turned me off, I like the service part myself) and see for yourself.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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