I really wanted to tell you how easy it is to create a product.  But my cat threw up on my notes, and then the dog ate it.  I don’t know why, but that is what happened.  It was rather disgusting, watching the scene unfold, mainly because I have a queasy stomach to begin with…

Ok, ok, it is an excuse.  The real reason  I couldn’t tell you how easy it is:

I am not you.

I don’t know how easy things are for you compared to me.  We are at different levels of knowledge.  In fact, you could be way ahead of me.  The hardest part of creating a product is the actual taking action part.

I have suffered from nasal inflammation for the last two weeks and it makes me sound like I am talking with a clothespin on my nose.  Really.  I am so self conscious about it that I almost canceled my interviews with Matthew Glanfield, Jeff Dedrick, Mark Hendricks, Theo Baskind (I actually mispronounced his name in the interview, I said bas -kind with a long i instead of Baskind – like baskin robbins… I was so embarrassed…), but I knew that if I stopped just short of my goal, it was still failure.

I did a call with Mark Hendricks this afternoon and I had to take a shot of nasal spray right before I called, so I was constantly blowing my nose during the call.  I just hope it wasn’t audible during the call.  I will be listening to it later today, and I will find out.

But you don’t stop, just because things are not perfect.  If perfection is what you are waiting on, stay out of the Internet Marketing business.  Nothing is perfect, except the perception that you are meant to see.  I don’t play that way, though, I will show you the pimples as well as the gold.  You’ll hear me burp on teleseminars, because I have a reflux condition, and  I am not going to stop promoting things just because I have an imperfection…

Speaking of promoting, I am not promoting Andrew Fox’s training, not because I having anything against him personally, but he did not invite me to be a JV Partner.  Some marketers only deal with the big dogs.  I am not a big dog, I sometimes like to think I am, but my promotions humble me rather quickly.

I like to pick and choose the promos that I do based on the number of other people promoting it.  Other factors come into play as well, like my relationship with the person who invites me to promote, too, and the quality of the product.  If you are planning on becoming a product owner and you want to sell a lot of product, you need to develop relationships with your prospective JV partners BEFORE you ever need them.

Ross Goldberg is one of those guys who builds strong relationships with people first, then when he has a product to promote, you know he won’t have too much difficulty getting the help he needs with just a few emails or phone calls.  I made relationships at each seminar I ever attended, and I will give you this tidbit, choose smaller workshops over the huge mega events at first.  Workshops are typically more expensive, but they open up more doors for you, because you spend more one on one time with the other people in the room.  I made friendships with Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks and Joe Clayton from one such workshop, because after the sessions were over each evening, we sat at the pool and had some quiet conversation instead of staying holed up in the room reading email or watching TV.

I have to tell you about Ross Goldberg’s workshop.  It is held at the same hotel as jvAlert Live on the day before jvAlert Live kicks off, so it is the prime time to get some one on one training from Ross himself.  He is revealing everything he does to help you double your income online and off.  The link to check it out is:


You need to sign up fast, because the number of slots is limited to 15.  If you wanted to learn from one of the rising stars of the Internet Marketing world, this may be your only chance to get one on one training from Ross at this low of a price.

Niche Graphics? Or Pix that increase Clix? 

Naveed  Peerzade, the eCover Guru, just released a collection of Niche Graphics that will transform your niche campaigns by making your products look professional.  This fits in so good with my project that I asked Naveed to create the graphics for Extreme Product Explosion: Inforproduct Creation Lab!  Naveed know what he is doing when it comes to graphics, and his team turns work around quickly.  That is something I require, since I usually don’t waste a whole lot of time trying to plan out my projects, I start doing them as soon as I have the concept drafted.

Naveed got me a whole sales page full of graphics in less than a week and they are amazing!  I can’t wait until I can reveal them to you, but I have to wait until September 25th!  And I thought it was going to cost me close to $1000, but Naveed doesn’t try to empty your wallet, so I was pleasantly surprised by the low price he charged for all of the graphics.

Niche Graphics is like that, you don’t have to break your bank to have an amazing set of ecovers and graphics for your niche websites, even if you are just doing adsense (I don’t recommend that) or creating your own products (that is what I recommend!).  And if you get it today, you can save $20 with this coupon code:  5CC560

So get Niche Graphics now!

Wanna have a peek?

My friend and mentor Ken McArthur is writing his best selling book!  Actually he hasn’t started writing it yet.  He intends on having it ready BEFORE October 18th when he is going to be in the lobby at jvAlert Live…


Not even started writing it yet?  I know what you are thinking, and I thought he was a little off his rocker, too!  But I hear he is in good company.  Glenn Dietzel, the man who helped a guy write his best seller while driving up and down I95 while he was traveling from one office to the other at his job, is going to work the same entrepreneurial authoring magic on Ken McArthur (one of the busiest men in the online world) to help him create his best selling book in less than 30 days!

Not only that…  Glenn has allowed Ken to let us watch over his shoulder!  Check out the details right here!

That is all I have for now!  Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – If you want to find out about  Extreme Product Explosion ahead of everyone else, simply visit this link:

Extreme Product Explosion: Infoproduct Creation Lab Early Notification list!

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