You need a product to sell to your audience. What? You don’t have an audience? Without a product, you might find it difficult to build one.

I guess that sounds a little paradoxical.

But when you are building a list, you really need to have an idea of what you want to sell them. Often, people tell me that they are going to sell affiliate products to their list. Not a bad plan, but what they find after six months is that their list has abandoned them for the product owners of the products that they had just purchased. They made a commission and then lost the subscriber. If you spend less than the commissions you earned to get that subscriber and make the sale, it is a fair trade. Most of the time, though, the price of acquiring a subscriber is much higher than any single product commission, because not everyone buys your recommended affiliate product, so if you sell one for every ten subscribers, then you are spending 10 times the cost of one subscriber for each sale. If that sale is a big ticket product, awesome! If it is a $7 report, oops!

I have been watching a lot of marketers using the affiliate marketing model. The only ones who have a lot of success spend a lot of time and money building a relationship; first, by giving quality content to them daily, and second, by offering them freebies on a regular basis to keep them clicking. The people who are doing the best, however, are those who create a new product weekly.

On, I have been telling you about a lot of these products. Not all of them are big ticket. In fact, some of the top WSO marketers are selling $7, $17 and $27 products on a regular basis. But because they are selling a new product each week, their audience grows and buys repeatedly. They have affiliates promoting their products, which builds their buyer’s list. They offer their buyers first crack at their product at a reduced price (earlybird) so that they get repeat sales from those buyers.

Quality products make rabid fans.

If you sell people top notch products and deliver them without any technical difficulties, you become more popular with your customers. Your products move to the front of the line when you build a level of trust with them. Soon, people on your list start asking you to sell them something. They will suggest products that they would buy.

I highly recommend you have a good source of content for quality products or you brainstorm with a bunch of other marketers to help you devise a list of products that you could create over a 6 to 12 month period. Set concrete dates of launches for each product and start creating these products to reach those launch dates.

If you use a site like JVZOO or WarriorPlus, you will have the affiliate army of thousands of people who are looking for quality products to sell. If you are consistently creating and selling quality products, you will build a following of affiliates who will sell your products. You may have to contact some affiliates to get your name in front of them, maybe you can offer them a mention in one of your products in return for adding a bonus to one of their products to help get you some initial traffic to your products.

Remember, building quality products is the key. The first time you sell a bagful of dog doo, your credibility will plummet and nobody will want to sell your stuff.

Help If You Want It

My friends at buy products with MRR, PLR and USER rights and make them available to subscribers. I have been a member for years and take advantage of their amazing buying power. I use PLR products to help me create products in niches that I may know nothing about, but want to build a list and sell to. With new products being added every two days, the chances of them having a product for the niche I am looking for is pretty darn good. The price has gone up a couple times since I first found them, but even at $47 a month, it is a bargain considering the top notch training I have downloaded and the PLR I have used to create lists in some evergreen niches!

Check it out:

Yesterday saw the launches of two interestingly diverse products for the online marketer. One is designed for marketers who want to earn money selling Amazon products as an affiliate or a product seller. The other is designed for anyone who wants to create white board videos.

TTS Sketch Maker is a video creation tool that allows you to create white board sketch videos. I had an early version of the software that I used to create the following video:

As you can hear from the voice, TTS Sketch Maker gives you powerful text to speech capabilities. This is useful when you want to make videos for affiliate products. I like the fact that I can make a video from concept to finished product in a few minutes instead of hours (waiting for a voiceover artist to get back to me).

I purposely did not promote this yesterday, because it does have a couple of drawbacks (minor ones). First, I have gotten used to Explaindio. If Explaindio has TTS capabilities, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But even if I would use Explaindio over TTS Sketch, I can see scenarios where I would create my soundtrack with TTS and then import it into Explaindio. But I digress. That is one of the problems with owning too many software products (is it really a problem?).

TTS is still very useful and it does what it says it is going to do. Jimmy Mancini really supports his products, so if you buy this and find a bug, just open a support ticket and he will update the software. Simple as that.

If you need sketch videos with voice, grab TTS Sketch Maker while the price is still low:

Amazon Affiliates and Sellers.

What if I could show you a suite of tools that allows you to research niches, create lists of keywords, create lists of products to promote and find reviews to use for your promotions? And what if I told you that when you purchased that suite of tools, you would have access to training for affiliates and training for sellers?

Amasuite 4 is the culmination of the programming expertise of Dave Guindon and the Amazon Affiliate and Seller expertise of Chris Guthrie. It is a suite of 4 software tools that dig deep into the depths of the Amazon product database to bring you the tools you need to uncover the products you should be promoting to earn the biggest bang for your promotional buck. One tool allows you to find the buying keywords that you should be targeting in your promotions. Another tool helps you find the top 100 products in any category. Another tool lets you dig into more products and analyze them every which way until you have the listing of exactly which products you want to promote. The last tool will help you find reviews for each product that you can use to target exactly the right customer for your promotions. Together, you can use these tools to create blog promotions that will make your affiliate commissions soar. And if you want to sell physical products on Amazon, you can use these tools to analyze the competition and make your product better by addressing the concerns of the people who complained about the product.

The training is focused on either affiliate marketing or product selling, depending on your preference. So if you are already an affiliate and want to dive into selling physical products, then you can go through the training and start selling! That is what I am doing. (I actually bought this product and ALL the upsells because I want to take my affiliate marketing to new heights and diversify into physical products).

Now, this is not cheap. The software suite can help you double your current affiliate earnings (I was using version 3 and it more than doubled my sales over the last year – and that was without the training). If you take advantage of the training as well, you are looking to take that up a few more notches. Take a look at it here:

Watch the video. Dave is great at revealing how he uses these programs as he demonstrates them. I learned a few tricks as he was doing the demos. The cool part is that you can actually pick up some affiliate marketing tips just by watching the video (even if you never purchase the software).

My Recommendation?

I recommend Amasuite 4 over TTS Sketch Maker if you are serious about affiliate marketing or plan on taking your business into physical product sales on Amazon. The training and software gives you everything you need to succeed (short of doing the work for you). You can always get video software later to create videos to sell your products.

In fact, I am using Article Video Robot to create review videos for the products I am targeting. They have a really powerful tool that allows you to paste the link to an Amazon review and it creates a video from that review. I created two yesterday while watching hockey. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on an AVR account, then TTS Sketch Maker is a much less expensive alternative.

Here are the links to each of these programs if you decide to grab them:

To your marketing success,

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